Office Policies

Code of Ethics

As a liscensed massage therapist, I will conduct business within my scope of practice and education under the guidelines of the American Massage Therapy Association for the therapeutic benefit of each client with respect and in confidentiality.

Cancellations/No Show

Cancellations must be in effect 24 hours before the scheduled appointment otherwise the client will be charged for half the price of the treatment. No shows without a call will be charged the full amount. A phone call will help me to fill the empty slot. I will follow the local school cancellations for snow days or storms.

Late Policy

If you are running late for an appointment please call 508-932-0847 and update me. The session will start and end at the scheduled time regardless. It's best to plan to arrive 10 minutes early and 15 minutes if it's your first visit to fill out a health history form. If you are a few minutes late I may complete the full treatment depending on scheduling.

Professional Boundaries

You will always be appropriately draped with a sheet and any sexual misconduct or suggestions will be reported to the police with a forfeit of the massage as well as payment. All therapeutic discussion between the client and therapist is confidential unless otherwise requested by the client. 

Medical Conditions

As a licensed massage therapist, I do not have the ability to diagnose. I do not treat serious illnesses or conditions unless requested by the client with a doctor's approval. It is the client's responsibility to provide doctor's approval, keep me updated with changes in health and notify me of anything that may interfere the massage or warrant a change in technique. I am unable to treat clients with serious uncontrolled heart conditions or contagious body conditions.


Forms of payment accepted; cash, debit, credit, HSA, FSA. Tips are accepted.


I do not accept insurance, but will give you all paperwork needed for reimbursement by your insurance company. 

Referral Bonus 

For each referral that books, you will receive an extra 15 minutes on your next massage. If you refer 4 clients, that adds up to 60 minutes of free massage!