Hi everyone, hoping you are all safe and well during this pandemic. I know it hasn't been easy and life has been crazy for many. We have a system that refuses to protect the community equally, causing overdue mass unrest. The world as we know it, has changed forever. Hopefully we can all come together to fix the problems dividing us.

     This message is concerning the future of Survive and Revive Massage Therapy as a practice in Nashua, NH. Unfortunately I just received word from my landlord that in a few short months, they will be tearing down our building:(. Currently, I am looking at new spaces to rent and will update you as soon as I find a new space. Upon reopening, if NH cases stay low, masks will be required and extra sanitation will be high priority. Be prepared for temperature checks and possible gloved massage. 


    Thank you again for your patience. Please be safe, wear a mask to protect your neighbor, social distance as much as possible and feel free to email me at any time for any reason. If you'd like to support me through this time, check out the Etsy page for handmade masks I've been sewing, if you're looking for something special message me on as I can order customizations.

Best Wishes,

Kim Ballou

Survive and Revive is a massage therapy practice in  Nashua, NH that seeks to provide comfort and deep relaxation to clients looking for a peaceful place to unwind.

Services offered include;



Deep Tissue



Hot Stone


Kinesio Acutaping

Customized Massage